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Will an Air Conditioning Tune-Up Fix Your AC System?

AC-repair-maintenance-toolsWe recommend air conditioning system tune-ups for all AC units around once a year. In Texas, where air conditioners are in use for much of the season, this is even more important than in other areas where climates are relatively mild.

A tune-up gets your air conditioner into shape so it can continue to run smoothly throughout the year. But many people think they can schedule a quick tune-up, when what they really need is an AC repair. Read on for more information about when you should schedule these two services. And call our AC technicians in Nederland, TX to schedule your appointment.

What’s an Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

An AC tune-up is a service offered by most AC and heating companies—and it’s not the same as a quick repair. While it is meant to be a service that doesn’t take up too much time, it includes a thorough inspection of your entire system, and then some. A technician may also make some adjustments to the system, and some parts might require a quick cleanup.

For example, your air conditioner can develop some minor wear throughout the year that requires a tune-up early in the air conditioning season so that it can work better in the summer, when you need it most. Check out some examples of the wear and tear a tune-up may correct.

  • Debris in the fan – A technician may clean debris out of the fan to improve performance.
  • Dirt on the coil – The outside coil may develop dirt over time that impedes on the refrigeration process.
  • Faulty connections – A technician may make adjustments to loose wire connections and other small issues here and there.

In addition, the tune-up inspection can catch much larger problems. For example, a refrigerant and pressure level test may reveal problems that don’t improve with a quick tune-up. Before you start up your system for the spring season, they will likely recommend you set up an appointment to fix the issue.

A tune-up can help to improve the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner. But when you notice larger problems with your air conditioner, a tune-up is not the right appointment for you.

When Should You Call for Repairs?

Small issues with AC performance and efficiency are one thing. You should expect bills to get a bit higher through the years and for comfort levels to decline somewhat between appointments.

But when you experience issues with your system, a simple tune-up likely isn’t the right appointment for you. This is meant to be a quick service to fine-tune your system, whereas a repair is an assessment of the issue and a targeted repair of the problem. There are a number of issues that require prompt attention if you want your air conditioner to continue to run smoothly.

  • Hearing odd noises from the outdoor or indoor units
  • Delayed start up
  • System starting up and turning off too frequently
  • Temperatures that don’t reach the thermostat settings

Call an AC technician soon so that the problem does not have a chance to get any worse.

Air Services Unlimited provides air conditioning system tune-ups in Nederland, TX. We appreciate this opportunity to earn your business!

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