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Common Early Season Air Conditioning Repairs

technician repairing air conditionerSpring is officially here, but for Texas residents, the seasons all kind of meld together with how hot it is the majority of the year. We can expect plenty of sweltering days to come, especially when summertime comes around.

Chances are, you’re already running your Groves, TX air conditioning system. And if you’ve had your cooling system maintained, with an annual inspecting and tune-up from a professional, then your air conditioner has a great chance of operating throughout the season without encountering too many problems or drops in efficiency. Professional maintenance can’t prevent all problems, however. So below, we’ve delved into some of the signs of common early-season AC repair needs.

Odd or Unfamiliar Noises

Chances are, you have a pretty good idea of the “normal” sounds your air conditioner makes while operating. There’s a regular cycle of the compressor running and the hum of the fans. Be sure to pay attention to any unusual sound that interrupts this white noise, though.

This often indicates that something is amiss. For instance, clattering and clanging can mean you have loose mechanical parts. Hissing can mean you have refrigerant escaping. Grinding and screeching warn of motors that are wearing down and are about to burn out.


We mentioned above the sound of your compressor turning off and on regularly. This is a particularly important noise to pay attention to. Reason being is because if it starts to occur rapidly—say, multiple times per hour—then your AC system is going through a process called short-cycling. The compressor is not completing its full cooling cycle and is instead shutting down prematurely, only to restart a short time later.

There are a number of reasons this might be happening. It might be due to a clogged air filter (be sure to change it every 1-3 months), a miscalibrated thermostat, leaking refrigerant, or even an AC system that wasn’t properly sized to begin with when it was installed. Whatever the cause might be, it needs to be resolved, since damage to the compressor can be detrimental to the functionality of your entire air conditioner.

Uneven Cooling

This is one of the less obvious signs of an AC problem that sometimes gets looked over. However, when one or more rooms in the home aren’t receiving the same level of cooling as the others, then something is wrong.

This issue might stem from poor insulation, drafty windows in need of caulking, or even leaks in your ductwork. Or, it could be an air conditioning system losing its cooling power due to a drop in refrigerant, a frozen coil, or problems with the blower fan. Contact our technicians to take a look and find the root of the problem.

Bad Smells

Sometimes when you haven’t used your air conditioner over the course of a few months, there might be a dusty smell right when you turn it on for the first time. This is because dust and debris settles in the vents and other parts of the system, and gets blown into the air when you turn on the AC.

This smell should dissipate fairly quickly. But if you notice it sticking around, or if it smells like something’s burning, it’s time shut off the AC and call in a pro.

Don’t hesitate, contact Air Services Unlimited today for exceptional customer service. We appreciate this opportunity to earn your business!

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