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The Easiest Way to Prevent AC Repair

air-filter-ventWe understand that people don’t love to call in a technician to fix something in the house. While we do everything we can to provide you with a positive experience, it’s still money you didn’t plan on spending and time you’d rather not take out of your day. We offer convenient scheduling and fast emergency service for your AC repair needs. Still, we want to help you prevent such emergencies from happening in the first place.

There are ways to prevent your air conditioner from failing when you need it most, or at least to reduce the chances of system failure. The first is thorough annual maintenance, which includes tuning up the system, making adjustments here and there, and cleaning the outside coil. Unfortunately, you cannot do this on your own and will need to schedule an appointment with a technician. But there is one easy thing you can, and should, be doing to help avoid repairs.

Just Change the Filter!

As air conditioning technicians, it’s easy for us to emphasize the importance of changing an air filter. It’s a simple process and it can save you money, stress, and time. Doing so regularly (monthly) could even keep your air conditioner running for longer. But many people only know that an air filter helps to protect the air. Can it really prevent AC repair?

How a Dirty Filter Hurts Your AC System

The filter is located at the return register, where air from around the home is sucked into your AC system. With this air comes dust and particulate, many of which are allergens you are glad to have trapped in a filter. It also stops debris from potentially damaging the AC unit.

When it’s dirty, though, it’s not just the air quality you should worry about. Suddenly, your air conditioner is unable to suck in as much air as it is used to, since the clogged filter blocks that airflow from moving in. And that means trouble for your AC.

  • Poor performance – Your air conditioner is designed to pull in and cool a certain amount of air. When the return register is blocked off, the air conditioner simply cannot do its job properly, which means you are a lot less comfortable.
  • Repairs – There are several common AC repairs associated with a dirty filter, including a frozen indoor coil and short cycling.
  • High costs – The air conditioner will run for longer attempting to cool the home correctly, resulting in higher energy costs.

It’s Easy to Do

First, you’ll have to find the location of your filter. Usually, it’s located right by the indoor air handler. So if your indoor air handler is above your ceiling, that’s where you’ll find the register, which you can open up to access the filter. Shopping for a new filter means choosing one that’s the same size as the one you’re removing. While filters do come in different efficiency ratings, keep in mind that not all filters are right for every system.

Lastly, remember to change the filter every month!

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