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Fall is Here, Can My AC Repair Needs Wait?

fall-leavesNow that fall has arrived here in Texas, you might consider holding off on any repairs for your air conditioning system due to the imminent cold weather. But you shouldn’t wait around until spring to get the necessary repairs for your air conditioning system—especially here in Texas. We’ll have warm weather here in Port Neches well into fall, so if there’s any problems plaguing your system, it’s a wise decision to address those problems now. If you need late-season air conditioning repairs in Port Neches, TX contact Air Services Unlimited.

The Cost of Procrastination

If you’re thinking about waiting until we’re on the cusp of the cooling season again to get your air conditioning system serviced, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Here at Air Services Unlimited, we see the effects of this type of procrastination. Neglecting to have your system serviced when there are signs that you need repair causes unnecessary damage to your system. This damage occurs when you continue to run an inefficient unit. Addressing issues as soon as possible saves you money. If you’re unsure of what constitutes an issue big enough for repairs we’ve comprised a short list.

AC Problems to Look Out For

Faulty Thermostat

If you found yourself setting your thermostat for a certain temperature but the room always remained hot, you could be suffering from a malfunctioning thermostat. First, ensure that you didn’t set your thermostat for an unreasonably low temperature in high heat. It’s almost impossible for your air conditioner to reach a temperature 20°F lower than the outside temperature. If you’re within your means, your thermostat might need repairs. It’s easy for an HVAC technician to recalibrate your system.

Low Airflow

If you found yourself running your air conditioning for longer periods but still not receiving a sufficient level of cooling power, it’s likely due to low air flow. The number one culprit in low airflow situations is a problem in your air ducts. This problem is typically due to an excess amount of debris and dirt in the ducts or due to leaky ducts. Routine maintenance and repairs easily resolve either of these issues.

Loss of Cooling Capacity

When your system loses cooling capacity it’s typically caused by a lack of refrigerant. Contrary to popular belief, your system should never run out of refrigerant. Incorrect charging causes refrigerant leaks. Improper levels of refrigerant eventually begin to leak, and the loss of refrigerant reduces your system’s cooling power.

Odd Noises

If you turn on your unit and you’re met with a medley of alarming noises you’re going to need repairs. An alarming noise in this situation is literally anything other than a soft whooshing noise of air flowing through your vents or a clicking noise that indicates that your system has turned on or off. If you’re experiencing extended clicking, rattling, grinding, or grating sounds your system is malfunctioning and needs the immediate attention of a professional.

If you need late-season air conditioning repairs, you need our experienced team. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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