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How to Keep AC Temperatures Consistent Throughout the Home

warm-house-heatIf you keep your air conditioner in good condition, scheduling air conditioning maintenance and repairs as needed and changing the air filter regularly, you can expect it to run smoothly for many years to come. But even when the AC equipment is in excellent condition, you may have trouble heating or cooling some parts of the home as much as you’d like.

Central air conditioning is one of the best innovations of the last century, especially for those of us who live in Texas, but it has one flaw: the central duct system does not always do the best job of maintaining airflow throughout the home. If you want your air conditioner to keep temperatures consistent in any room, read on!

Seal or Repair Your Ducts

Inconsistent temperatures could be due to a problem within the ductwork. It’s not as if your ductwork has any moving parts (unless you have a zone control system, as we’ll describe in a moment). And yet, ductwork is commonly falling victim to leaks.

Leakage can occur because of a faulty installation. Often, the ducts in a new home are installed by someone who doesn’t specialize in HVAC and have leaks to begin with. Although, eventually, ducts may just break apart at the joints for no good reason. This forces air to leak out of some portions of the ductwork rather than into your home—keeping you less comfortable even though you pay for it!

To seal or repair the ducts, standard duct tape simply will not do. It’s unsafe and unlikely to solve the problem for long. Instead, professionals use mastics and other sealants designed for the ductwork.

Upgrade to a Zone Control System

If the ductwork is not the source of the problem, it may be time to update the system. Your home has a unique structure, and yet, the same amount of airflow runs throughout it. For larger homes, it can be difficult for a single air conditioner to keep every room at the same temperature, so you may end up lowering the temperature more than is necessary to keep one room cool or an entire upstairs area.

Zone control systems are installed within the ductwork. The air ducts are set up with various dampers at each return vent, each connected to a control system and a thermostat. The dampers will open or close if more or less air is needed for a particular room, solving the problem of uneven temperatures.

Upgrade Your AC Setup

Finally, if the two solutions listed above are not possible for your home, it may be time for an upgrade. If you don’t already have a central air conditioner—if you have no ducts or damaged ducts and rely on window units or room air conditioners, have you considered going ductless?

Ductless air conditioners put a single blower unit in each room or designated zone of the home, rather than a central blower unit. This makes it easier to balance temperatures around the home (or vary them as needed).

Air Services Unlimited installs and services air conditioning systems in Beaumont, TX, along with zone control systems and thermostats.

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