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What Should You Do When You Need Emergency AC Repair?

contractor-smile-air-conditionerTexas air conditioners take a lot of hits throughout the year. All that energy use and wear and tear throughout most of the year can take its toll on your AC system, and it’s most likely to break down when it’s working hardest—in the middle of a hot day when you need it most! In our area, a broken air conditioner is an emergency, but don’t panic.

We want to help you feel prepared should your air conditioning system breaks down suddenly without warning. If you’ve got children in the home or if a resident is sick or elderly, this is vital information. For more, reach out to our friendly team today!

First things first: Make sure it’s really broken

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your air conditioner truly is broken. This may sound ridiculous if you’ve checked the thermostat and turned it as low as it can go, and you’re getting no response (or else warm air is blowing out from the vents). But it’s absolutely worth it to check.

Often, we show up for emergency AC repair only to find out the system works just fine, and all the homeowner needed to do was…

  • Check the Thermostat…Again – Often, someone in the home has turned the thermostat off, set it in “heating” mode, activated the vacation settings, or left on “fan” or “fan only” mode (which won’t keep you cool). It’s worth it to check one more time! If there’s no display, it could just need more batteries.
  • Change the Air Filter – The air filter is often responsible for your heating and cooling troubles. If it’s been years since you’ve cleaned or replaced it, a dirty filter may be the reason you only feel warm air, or very little air, from the AC. Other signs of a dirty air filter include short cycling or a frozen indoor coil.
  • Try the Circuit Breaker – Finally, it’s important to check the circuit breaker and see if a reset will restore an air conditioner that’s completely broken down. (It’s worth noting, though, that if you have to reset the circuit breaker for the AC all the time, you must call in a technician.)

Have a backup in place

In a true emergency, a generator can help you to get back the electricity you need to keep an air conditioner running. Any Texas home should be well-stocked with fans and perhaps a backup portable air conditioner. But perhaps the safest plan is to have a relative or friend to stay with.

Emergency repair services are here to help

Emergency air conditioning repair services do exist, and they’re here to help. Professional technicians know that AC problems won’t wait for regular business hours, and can happen any time day or night. We offer the services to get your air conditioner back on track faster—24 hours a day.

For emergency AC repair in Beaumont, TX trust technicians who care about your home and family. Call Air Services Unlimited today.

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