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New Technologies for Air Conditioning Efficiency and Ease of Use

tablet-home-cooling-comfortAll air conditioners are not made the same. Air conditioners come in all different sizes. They can be installed as a split system with an indoor and outdoor unit or they can be placed on the rooftop as a packaged unit, with all of the components in one cabinet. They can use manual thermostats or digital programmable thermostats.

And today, there are more options than ever before, with new technologies that keep your air conditioner running as efficiently as possible (meaning a lower cost over time).

Two-Stage Communicating Systems

Most air conditioners only work at one speed. When you turn the temperature down further, you don’t actually speed up the air conditioner; you simply make it run for longer. It cycles at one speed until it hits the temperature setting and then shuts off.

There are a couple of issues with this standard of AC engineering. For one, you don’t always need the air conditioner to run at 100%, especially if you only need the temperature lowered by a degree or two. It wastes energy and it often misses the mark.

A two-stage communicating system has two speeds it can run at (and some AC systems have even more). If it has to cool the home by, say, 5°F, it will run at full speed. But to go from 78° to 77°, it only has to run at half the speed, using less energy to do so. Frankly, it’s a lot quieter this way too!

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat can learn your temperature preferences from day-to-day in about a week! You’ll never forget to reset the thermostat because it will do so automatically.

But the benefit the modern homeowner enjoys the most is the ability to readjust the thermostat from anywhere. You can control it from an application on your phone or tablet!

For more information about the latest technologies in air conditioning in Orange, TX, contact Air Services Unlimited today.

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