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The Top 5 Ways Pet Owners Waste Energy

Portrait of happy family with their pet looking at cameraWhen summertime rolls around, homeowners in our area are pretty aware of how much their electric bills are going to rise. Naturally, you’ll want to do everything you can to save as much money as possible. When you have pets, this high level of energy efficiency can seem hard. After all, while you’re not home all day, they are—don’t they deserve to be comfortable?

Of course they do, but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your budget to make it so. From utilizing your Nederland, TX air conditioning system more effectively to being mindful of your water use, there are a number of ways pet owners can save energy, and subsequently, money. Are you wasting energy in any of the following 5 ways?

1. Turning Your Thermostat Down Too Low

With built-in fur coats, dogs and cats need a little extra cold air, right? Well, not necessarily. We of course aren’t advocating that you leave your air conditioner off on an 80+ degree day, however the fact of the matter is most homes stay comfortably cool enough at 78°–especially if you leave your blinds and curtains closed so that the sun doesn’t beat down on the windows.

2. Leaving Ceiling Fans On

You may have heard that it’s a waste of energy to leave your ceiling fans on when you aren’t home. This is because while they help move air (and are therefore very beneficial to use with your air conditioner), they don’t actually lower the temperature in the room. But another factor to consider is why this is the case—ceiling fans help sweat evaporate from our skin, and that’s why we feel cooler when they are running.

Well…pets don’t sweat! Therefore, there is no sense in leaving fans on as it won’t benefit them, but will cost you money. True, ceiling fans don’t eat up a lot of energy in comparison to other electrical appliances and equipment, but every little bit of savings counts, right?

3. Leaving Lights On

We’re not talking about security lighting—if you have lights you leave on to indicate you’re home when you’re not, then keep at it. But if you have a light on because you think it makes your pet more comfortable, the chances are they don’t really mind being left in the dark. This is particularly true for cats, who can typically see better in darker conditions!

4. Leaving the TV On

This one can be a bit controversial—sure there are pets out there who are comforted by background noise, but generally speaking, leaving your television or radio on can actually confuse your pet and interrupt their sleep.

5. Wash Pet Products in Cold Water

We’re going to veer a bit away from air conditioning and electricity here and mention your water use—which is another vital part of saving energy. Using cold water instead of the hot water from your water heater uses significantly less energy, and there is really no need to use hot water to wash things such as your pet’s bedding and toys.

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