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3 Quick Facts about Air Conditioning

air-conditioner-outsideMost people don’t know very much about their air conditioners. And that’s totally fine! Technicians train for years to learn all about the ins and outs of your system to service it properly. Still there are a few things that we think may be helpful—or interesting—for you to know.

#1: Sizing is everything

Here’s the way a lot of people think about air conditioning sizing: a larger unit will always work better than a smaller unit, but a smaller system saves you money. Makes sense, right? But this isn’t really true.

An air conditioner that is oversized will have problems because the air conditioner will never run for long enough to complete a full cycle. This allows for short cycling—starting up and turning off too often—which really wears down the components. And a small air conditioner is a big no-no. If it’s too small for your home, it cannot do its job, which means the parts wear out way too fast and you rack up high energy bills.

Efficiency ratings vary from system to system, and choosing a better or lower efficiency will raise or lower the price. But there is only one size (measured in BTUs) of air conditioner for your home.

#2: Air conditioners remove heat

Air conditioners do not actually create cooling, per se. More accurately, they remove heat from the air in your home. Refrigerant is able to absorb heat from the air in your home and release it outside. This heat removal allows the coil the refrigerant runs through to cool down, and warm air blowing over it loses its heat.

#3: The first air conditioner was designed to dehumidify

Air conditioners do work as dehumidifiers. Water vapor from the air condenses on the inside coil as it cools, dripping off into a drainage system afterwards. Its original design was to dehumidify a printing press.

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