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Why the Outside Coil of Your Air Conditioner Needs Cleaning

When we service air conditioners, we make sure to give a thorough inspection of every part of the system. And often, we find that the outside coil is in desperate need of cleaning.

You may think that, since the components of your air conditioner are mostly hidden from view, you don’t need to worry about cleaning. As long as you change the filter and keep a clean house and yard, you’ll be fine, right? But this is far from accurate.

The outside unit accumulates dust

The outside condenser unit is surrounded by the outdoor elements and all the dirt and dust in the air. When that dust is built up on the outside cover of your unit, it may not affect performance noticeably. But in time, that buildup can cause a major effect on the way your system runs.

The condenser coil, the set of metal coils around your air conditioner that may or may not be visible, is essential to the operation of your air conditioner. This becomes coated in dust, the coil fins bend, and a simple hose may not solve the problem.

How the outside coil works

The outside condenser coil is where refrigerant, which is continuously cycling throughout your air conditioning system, turns into a liquid. As the refrigerant condenses, it is able to release heat into the air (without releasing any of the liquid refrigerant).

Heat absorption and release is how your air conditioner cools your home in the first place. This is the process of refrigeration. Dirt on the outside coil will insulate heat, preventing it from releasing into the air. This slows the cooling process, keeping you less comfortable, raising your bills, and causing problems for your air conditioner.

When to call for service

We recommend letting a professional clean your outside coil. They’ll do this during annual maintenance service, which you should schedule each spring anyway. This service helps prepare your system for summer, avoiding repairs. It may also raise energy efficiency and extend the lifespan of the system!

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