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A Clean AC Is an Efficient AC!

technician removing filter from duct to clean itIf we were to ask you about the condition of your HVAC system’s air ducts, how would you answer? If you’re like the average homeowner, you probably have no idea. And that’s expected—after all, your ductwork is mostly hidden from sight, typically traveling through spaces behind walls and through your attic. It’s rare that a home has exposed ductwork.

It’s important to give your air ducts a little attention though. That is because if your ventilation system suffers any damage, it can lead to poor cooling performance, and subsequently lead to higher bills. This means ensuring that your ducts are free from damage, either as a result of poor installation or otherwise. But it also means considering air duct cleaning and coil cleaning in Beaumont, TX as part of your routine HVAC services.

“How Do My Ducts Get Dirty to Begin with?”

Simply put, for the same reason your home gets infiltrated with dust and other debris. There are airborne particles that make their way in your home. Your HVAC system’s air filter helps keep these particles away from the inner components of your air conditioner, but your ductwork is left exposed, and to a lot of dust!

In fact, it’s estimated that a 6-room home can circulate around 40 pounds of dust annually! We’re not saying that’s all in your ductwork, but considering how much ductwork you’d need for that size home, that’s a lot of potential. Dust, dirt, dander, lint, and more can settle on the inner air duct walls and start building up. The more build-up that occurs, the faster it will increase as more particles are trapped.

The Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning

When your ductwork is too clogged up with dirt, your air conditioner simply can’t operate as effectively as it’s meant to, even if you don’t notice an obvious difference. But invest in duct cleaning and you’ll benefit from:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency: The debris within your ductwork puts friction on airflow. This forces the blower of your HVAC system to work harder than it should have to and drain more power as a result. If you’ve noticed your utility bills rising at all, this could be the source.
  • HVAC System Damage Prevention: When there is enough dirt buildup, it can get inside the HVAC cabinet, which can damage motors and cause the condenser coil to freeze over, among other things.
  • A Cleaner, Fresher Home: Cleaning your air ducts eliminates a large amount of dust and debris that you don’t want circulating throughout your home. Duct cleaning helps your home stay clean and prevents you from being affected by irritating contaminants.

Ask Us About the Rotobrush

The Rotobrush is an innovative tool that takes air duct cleaning to a whole new level. It has a fully rotating head, allowing for thorough cleaning, as well as HEPA vacuum power and a long, flexible hose so it can snake deep into your home’s ductwork no matter where it’s located.

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