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Does Allergy Season Seem to Last All Year? You Might Need an Air Duct Cleaning

sick-woman-blowing-her-noseHave you been coughing, wheezing, and sneezing in your home all year-round? You might think that this reflects the quality of air in your city or your personal health, however, it’s probably more of a reflection of your indoor air quality. Indoor air quality is one of the biggest problems to your overall health, comfort, and cost-efficiency, but homeowners seldom realize this. We’re here to underscore the importance of your indoor air quality. You might not even realize the subtle ways that your indoor air quality affects the quality of your home.

If you’re having a bunch of problems with the indoor air quality in your home then it’s time to have your air ducts cleaned in Beaumont, TX. If you’d like to know the signs of poor indoor air quality in your home make sure that you contact our team.

You Should Consider Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned If…

  • You See Mold Growth: This one might be a little obvious, but if you see mold growth in your home then you’re having a huge issue with your IAQ. Humidity is definitely a problem here in Texas that you’re familiar with but if you let it go, unchecked mold, mildew, and other bacteria can start to grow in your home. Mold can cause respiratory issues, throat irritation, skin irritation, and eye irritation.
  • You Have Too Much Dust: If you have an excessive amount of household dust in your home then your indoor air quality is compromised. A little bit of dust is to be expected, but if you feel like your home is way dustier than normal then it’s best to have a duct cleaning. A duct cleaning is especially needed if you’ve recently had a remodeling or any big renovation in your home.
  • You See Spikes in Your Energy Bill: If you’re noticing that your heating bill is way higher than it should be, you should contact a professional. If there’s no real explanation for the spike in your energy bill then them you’re having an indoor air quality problem. It’s more than likely that you’re having problems with leaking, gapping, or clogging in your venting system. We can give you a thorough cleaning of your air ducts to ensure that your heating system performs at peak capacity.
  • You Have Persistent Respiratory Problems: If you or your family members have unexplained allergy issues, sinus problems, asthma, or any other respiratory issues then it’s a great idea to take a closer look into your indoor air quality. You might think it’s just seasonal allergies or even a cold, but in actuality, it’s your air quality draining you. Your air cycles throughout your home multiple times a day so if your ducts are extremely dirty or filled with other airborne bacteria and debris then it’s best to call a professional from our team.

An air duct cleaning is a perfect way to boost the overall comfort of your home. If you’re looking for a great team to perform all any and every IAQ service that you need then contact Air Services Unlimited.  

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