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How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Driveway to front walkway view of partial front of residential home during early autumn season.It’s important to get your home ready for winter as temperatures drop here in Texas. Now is the perfect time to take a look at your home and note any areas for improvement. You want your space to remain as warm and efficient as possible through the colder months here.

Luckily, our amazing team here can help. We always ensure that our technicians are licensed, trained, and extensively experienced so that they can provide you with the best services possible. We’re a one-stop shop for all your home needs. If you’re looking to improve the overall quality of your Groves, TX, home heating system, indoor air quality, or water heater this winter then contact our team today.

Have You Prepared Your Heating System?

If you haven’t paid attention to your heating system since last winter, then it’s time to take some necessary steps to improve your home efficient this fall. You need routine maintenance for your home’s heating system and we provide these services here at Air Services Unlimited. We understand that homeowners here get their heat from a variety of different means, so we have services for boilers, ductless heating systems, furnaces, geothermal heating systems, and heat pumps.

Our maintenance services include biannual services (one in preparation for the heating season and one in preparation for the cooling season), expert services from trained technicians, priority scheduling, and a two-year warranty on any repair services.

What’s the Status of Your Indoor Air Quality?

How is your indoor air quality? You should take any measures available to boost your indoor air quality in your home. We offer a myriad of services to keep your home’s indoor air quality high, but we strongly suggest a few services in particular for winter.

The first step to great indoor air quality is an air duct cleaning. Duct cleaning will give you a great foundation so that any other indoor air quality boosting services you add are added to a clean home system. Your ductwork should have cleaning services performed every few years because lots of airborne contaminants settle in these places and lower your indoor air quality.

Another great preventative measure for your home is duct sealing. Our professionals will find any leaks in your duct system or any other problems the decrease your duct efficiency and seal these areas so that all the warm air you blow through your home this winter makes it to its intended destination rather than leaking out through your ducts before it reaches you.

If you’re looking to go the extra mile with your indoor air quality, try an air purifier. There are many contaminants in your home like dust, dirt, debris, cleaning chemicals, mold spores, viruses, dander, and pollen that contaminate your home and cause bad indoor air quality conditions. An air purifier filters out these types of contaminants and makes your breathing air a lot cleaner.

How’s Your Water Heater?

Make sure your water heater is ready for winter too! We can service tank, tankless, and heat pump water heater systems. You should have maintenance scheduled soon so that you’ll have clean, hot water throughout these winter months. Imagine jumping into a freezing shower in the middle of December here in Groves, it’s not exactly an appealing prospect. So, make sure you have our team of professionals service your system.

If you want to get your home ready for winter, contact our team here at Air Services Unlimited. We have all the right resources to keep you comfortable.

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