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How to Tell You Need Home Furnace Repair

cold-woman-in-blue-scarfIf you only make one New Year’s Resolution this year, there’s a good chance it will have something to do with money. Making money and saving it up are important goals for most people, which is why you wouldn’t want to call a technician for heating repairs if you did not know you needed them. Does a little problem with a heater really deserve professional attention? When does an issue actually merit repairs?

Well we’re here to tell you that waiting too long to schedule repair for your furnace can actually make the problem worse—and you’ll actually spend more in the long run. How do you know you need furnace repair? That’s simple: any time there’s a problem with your heater!

Odd Noises

When you hear strange noises coming from the furnace or from the air vents, it may not mean your system is in any immediate trouble. In fact, you might still be feeling just the right amount of heat coming into the home.

However, if you know that the noise you hear is not something typical for your furnace, it’s not worth waiting until you can’t handle the noise anymore.

A scratching or squealing noise may indicate a problem as small as a worn-down fan belt. But, “small” as it may seem, this problem puts extra strain on the heating system. You end up spending more in monthly bills, and your furnace may shut down right when you need it.

Low Temperatures

If temperatures aren’t up to your satisfaction, don’t wait until the problem becomes unbearable. Low temperatures could mean that your air filter is dirty, a problem that’s easy to solve. Or, it might mean that a motor is failing, something you need to replace ASAP or risk a system breakdown. On the other hand, low temperatures could mean that the furnace burners are dirty, something a technician can repair with relative ease. There’s no reason to wait!

Trouble Starting Up

If the system won’t start up properly, it’s possible that you have a safety issue on your hands. Often, a switch within the furnace shuts it off because the system is not functioning properly: the flame isn’t big enough or the system isn’t venting properly.

Once more, though, the issue could have to do with a dirty air filter—a simple fix. On the opposite extreme, it could mean that the heater is not properly sized for your home, which you’ll want to know about or risk high bills and a premature system breakdown.

Don’t Let It Get to This Point!

You don’t have to let the furnace get bad enough that you feel uncomfortable, or that you spend way too much on repairs. Having routine maintenance done once a year can help to prevent heater problems and make your life a lot easier!

Each year (preferably around the fall, but later is better than never!), a technician can come into your home and tune-up your system for better efficiency and performance. In the process, they will make an inspection that alerts you to problems sooner.

To schedule your next furnace repair in Beaumont, TX contact Air Services Unlimited today!

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