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Top view of the outside unit of an air conditionerTemperatures are already warming up here in Sour Lake—is your cooling system ready? If you haven’t scheduled one particularly important Sour Lake, TX HVAC service yet, then chances are it’s not as ready as it could be. That’s right, we’re talking about AC maintenance! This service is best performed before your air conditioner’s biggest period of use—therefore, you should get it on your schedule now.

Sure, there are a few small maintenance tasks you can do on your own. Your air filter, for example, is there to protect the inside components of your HVAC system from debris and should be changed out every 1-3 months depending on the level of contaminants in your home. You should also be clearing any debris away from your outside unit so that airflow isn’t obstructed. But this is just a start—for an air conditioner that will function as effectively as it’s meant to, you need a professional tune-up.

“Is Maintenance Really Necessary Every Year?”

This is one of the most common questions we get, and our answer is always going to be “yes.” Many homeowners still see maintenance as a “luxury” service that not everyone has to have done. Skipping maintenance, though, is doing your system a disservice. Maintenance should be done once a year on standard air conditioners and furnaces, and for heat pump systems you should have maintenance done every 6 months. Doing so will grant you the following benefits:

  • A More Reliable Cooling System: The biggest benefit of AC maintenance is that your system will be less likely to suffer a major operational failure when you need it the most this summer. A professional inspection conducted by one of our technicians will help us locate spots in which wear and tear has taken its toll, and can lead to breakdowns. We’ll also comprehensively clean and adjust any parts that need it to further remove potential problems.
  • A More Energy Efficiency AC: The accumulation of wear and tear over the years creates strain on its components. One component in particular that suffers is the blower motor. As the motor tries to overcome the extra stress, it will cause your energy rates to rise. But with routine maintenance to check this component and more, your entire system should retain 95% of its efficiency rating during its service life.
  • Fewer Repair Needs: There’s no need to spend extra money each year on AC repairs that could have been prevented. And with routine maintenance, that doesn’t have to happen. In fact, it’s estimated that around 85% of the repairs an AC might need during its service life are preventable thanks to maintenance inspections that catch problems early on!

Ask Us About Our Maintenance Program!

When you enroll in our maintenance program, you’ll get all the benefits we mentioned above, plus you’ll receive priority scheduling, a two-year warranty on repairs, expert heating and cooling tips, and more. We have a number of plans to choose from, ultimately helping you save money over the life of your HVAC system.

Ready to schedule your next AC tune-up? Don’t hesitate, contact Air Services Unlimited today for exceptional customer service. We appreciate this opportunity to earn your business!

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