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The Benefits of a Maintenance Agreement for AC and Heating

At Air Services Unlimited, we often emphasize the importance of calling in professionals to maintain your heating and air conditioning equipment each year. Just as you would bring your car in for an oil change and routine maintenance visit, your large home comfort systems deserve and require the same care.

Routine maintenance services help your air conditioner and heater in so many ways:

  • Preventing sudden system breakdowns.
  • Minimizing the need for sudden repairs throughout the year.
  • Potentially improving heating and AC efficiency.
  • Maximizing comfort and performance.
  • Extending the lifespan of the system.

But these benefits are more likely to come with regular maintenance—not after a single appointment. Annual maintenance for your heating system and annual maintenance for your AC system is recommended, but this is easy to forget.

Maintenance Agreements Mean Regular Appointments

When you sign up for a professional maintenance agreement, you agree to pay a set amount for services rendered each year. You may pay monthly, annually, or on some other arrangement, and the plan you sign up for determines how many tune-ups and/or inspections you get per year (typically one or two). Usually, the company calls you to schedule an appointment, which means you never have to worry about forgetting this service.

Even More Benefits with the Right Company

Depending on the HVAC company you sign up with for your heating and cooling agreement, you can get even more benefits that make the annual fees well worth the cost of membership in a valuable program. For example, our plans include…

  • A 15% discount on all future parts, labor, and diagnostic fees as long as you are a member with our Comfort Plan.
  • 50% discounts on parts, labor, and diagnostic fees with our Comfort Plus Plan.
  • 2-year warranties on repairs.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • 24-hour emergency service.
  • Priority scheduling throughout the year.

Call Air Services Unlimited and get in touch with a quality HVAC company in the Orange, TX area offering some of the best maintenance plans in the area.

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