Why You Should Consider a Solar-Powered Attic Vent Fan

Monday, December 26th, 2016

Winter is the perfect time to install a solar-powered attic vent fan. Right now, technicians have more availability for major home upgrades such as these. Your home will be prepared for summer, and you might notice a significantly lower utility bill during the year.

Not sure what a solar-powered attic vent fan is or why you would need one? We’ll go over some details here, but please do not hesitate to call our friendly team for more information.

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Get a 30% Tax Credit When You Install a Solar Attic Vent Fan

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Looking for ways to save money on your monthly energy bills? This summer was another scorcher, and your bills likely reflected the extra use on your AC. There are many simple ways to save some money on monthly bills, such as keeping the thermostat at no lower than about 78°. But some major energy upgrades can actually help you to save much more. Consider a solar attic fan for long-term savings, and a tax credit of up to 30%!

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