Get Our Technology Bundle Special Before It’s Gone!

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

The home of the future is here. These days, you can stay connected with your home, no matter where you may be! The Honeywell Lyric app helps homeowners all over the country stay notified about their home comfort system and little home emergencies that could otherwise cause major damage.

And right now, we are excited to offer a special for homeowners who want to have more control over comfort and wellbeing in their homes. When you purchase our technology bundle, you get energy savings, peace of mind, and a whole lot more.

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Wi-Fi Thermostats Offer Amazing Features and Benefits for Tech Savvy People

Monday, September 26th, 2016

With the prevalence of smartphones and other “smart” devices many of us rely on every day, it’s easier than ever to be tech savvy and to quickly catch on to new technology. For those who love tinkering with new gadgets: you’re missing out if you don’t have a Wi-Fi thermostat!

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