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Heat Pump Water Heater Services from Air Services Unlimited

Heat pump technology is pretty incredible. It can heat and cool your home, heat your pool and now it can provide your property with hot water. Heat pump hot water heaters can be part of an existing heat pump HVAC system or stand-alone units—the choice is yours. Heat pumps are complicated devices, and as such, it’s important that you hire experts with experience, training and know-how to work on any kind of heat pump system.

Our specialists have the training and certifications needed to work on any heat pump system, including a heat pump hot water heater, and we can install, repair, replace or maintain your heat pump unit. Think a heat pump water heater may be a good fit for your home? Then call the pros at Air Services Unlimited today.

Air Services Unlimited provides heat pump hot water heater services near Beaumont, TX and the surrounding areas.

How Does a Heat Pump Water Heater Work?

As mentioned above, a heat pump hot water heater uses the principle of transference to heat your home’s hot water. This means that the heat pump absorbs the warm air that surrounds it, concentrates it, and then transfers this heat to cold water that is being held in a storage tank. You don’t have to be concerned about a heat pump hot water heater not providing you with warm water because each system can automatically switch to heating the cold water via electricity; this ensures that your home is never short on hot water supply. Additionally, a heat pump hot water tank has 4 settings that help maintain the water’s temperature while also helping to conserve energy:

The Auto–Hybrid setting:
This is considered the default setting for heat pump water heaters because it provides your home with hot water very energy efficiently on a sustained basis.
The Efficiency–Economy setting:
This is the most energy efficient setting on the water heater, and designates that all hot water is derived only by the heat pump.
The Electric setting:
Switching the water heater to this setting means that only electricity will be used to heat the water; this setting is typically used for very high hot water demand times.
The Vacation Timer setting (not available on all models):
This setting allows you to put the water heater into "sleep" mode while you are away from your home, enabling you to save energy.

We Offer Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Services

Choosing a hot water heater for your home is an important decision, and one that should be made with the help of a trained expert. If you have decided that a heat pump hot water heater is a good fit for your home, give us a call. We will help you every step of the way with your new installation to ensure it is a success. Do you already have a heat pump hot water heater? Then it’s critical to have access to technicians who have the skills and training to repair, maintain or replace your system, and we are those experts.