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Tank Water Heater Services from Air Services Unlimited

When most people hear the words “water heater,” they naturally think of the traditional storage tank hot water heater. This isn’t a bad thing, especially because today’s storage tank hot water heaters are more efficient than they’ve ever been. New regulations, coupled with better design and materials have made storage tank hot water heaters a good option for many homeowners. Tank water heaters can use electricity, natural gas, propane, or oil to heat your water, and double insulation of the tanks helps maintain the water’s temperature.

Our experts can help you size and install a new tank hot water heater, replace an aging one, annually maintain or repair an existing one. We also offer emergency service 24 hours a day in case your hot water heater completely shuts down. Don’t let an amateur or subpar company help you with your hot water heater needs; instead, call professionals you can count on: Air Services Unlimited.

Air Services Unlimited provides storage tank hot water heater services in Beaumont, TX and the surrounding areas.

The Dip Tube: The Unsung Hero of Your Hot Water Heater

Looking at a storage hot water tank, it would seem that the way they work is fairly simple: water is heated at the bottom of the tank, and this water rises to the top of the tank for use. While this isn’t incorrect, it isn’t fully correct, either. The cold water at the bottom of your tank is heated, and it does rise to the top—but there is a key component that makes this happen and keeps your water from mixing and becoming tepid: the dip tube.

The dip tube is a long, slender tube that connects directly to the cold water intake valve at the top of the tank. When your hot water in your tank becomes too low, the cold water valve opens up and allows the cold water to flow into the dip tube. The dip tube’s job is to deliver this cold water directly to the bottom of the storage tank, and does so without mixing the cold water with the hot water at the top of the tank. Cold water is heavier than hot water because heat rises, so the new cold water stays at the bottom of the tank, allowing the hot water to stay at the top for usage. When the burner (gas) or heating element (electric) turns on and heats the water, the newly–heated water floats to the top of the tank, ready to be used.

Air Services Unlimited Provides Storage Tank Hot Water Heater Services

When you hire the experts at Air Services Unlimited to install or service your hot water heater you are hiring professionals who bring over 30 years of experience with them. What does this mean for you? It means that you can rest assured that any work done to your storage tank hot water heater will be done correctly the first time around. Let our experts keep your hot water flowing—call us today!