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Tankless Water Heater Services from Air Services Unlimited

There’s been a lot of buzz around tankless systems, and for good reason. However, tankless units are more complicated than traditional storage tank systems, so installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance should always be handled by trained experts.

Why are people so interested in tankless hot water heaters? One reason is the energy efficiency. Because tankless systems have no tank, they don’t lose any energy to standby heat, as traditional tank units can. Another reason tankless water heaters can be a good choice for homeowners is that they use up to 40% less energy than other types of hot water heaters because they heat on-demand. Lastly, tankless systems have longer lifespans: the average lifespan for a tankless system is 20 years, versus 10 to 13 with a storage tank unit.

Is a tankless hot water heater a good choice for your home? The best way to decide that is to work with one of our trained experts. We have years of experience with hot water heater installation, and we can help you determine whether or not a tankless system is for you. Already have a tankless unit but need expert help for repair, replacement, or maintenance? Just dial our number and schedule an appointment.

Air Services Unlimited provides tankless hot water heater services near Beaumont, TX and the surrounding areas.

How Tankless Hot Water Heaters Work

The key to on–demand hot water is the heat exchanger at the core of every tankless unit, no matter the type or size. The process starts when you open a hot water tap in your home: cold water starts to flow into the heat exchanger while coils in the heat exchanger get hot very quickly. The heat from the coils is transferred to the water, and as soon as the water reaches the pre–set temperature, it flows to your water tap. While this sounds like a lot of work, the process takes only a few seconds.

Point–of–Use Tankless vs. Whole Home Tankless

There are two types of tankless hot water heaters available for homeowners: point–of–use and whole home. Both are on–demand units, but point–of–use units (POU) are used for individual water outlets, like a kitchen sink or a bathroom, while a whole house unit provides hot water for all of your home’s water outlets. Point–of–use units are small enough to fit under a sink, and they use electricity (either 120 volts or 240 volts) to heat the water. Whole house tankless units are typically installed in a basement or utility closet, and heat water as soon as a hot water tap is opened anywhere in your home. Our trained experts can help you decide which type of tankless unit will best fit your home and needs.

We Offer Tankless Hot Water Heater Services

When it comes to the installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance of your tankless hot water heater, the professionals at Air Services Unlimited are the ones to call. We can help you with all of your tankless hot water needs, including any emergencies you may have.