Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

May 14th, 2018

the heat wave is coming,business man holding a electric fanEven the most mild of summers are still unbearable here in our area—at least, without a fully functional and efficiently operating air conditioner they are. Summer hits hard and fast, with temperatures already rising.

We want to help you stay cool this summer, whether that means by making small adjustments around your home or equipping your home with the right Nederland, TX HVAC products and services. Read on for specific ideas!

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Are You Using Your Cooling System Efficiently as Possible?

April 30th, 2018

top view of an air conditionerWhen it comes to using your air conditioning in Groves, TX, efficiency is vital. Only a highly-efficient cooling system will ensure that you can maintain home comfort without paying an arm and a leg in cooling costs. After all, your HVAC systems account for about half of all energy usage in your household! 

Now, there are some factors that can be impacting your AC efficiency that have to do with the condition of the air conditioner itself, or any of its components. For instance, if the thermostat isn’t reading the temperature correctly, or if your ductwork is damaged, your cooling system has no chance of operating at its peak performance. It’s for this reason that you should make sure to stay on top of AC maintenance and have it done once a year (or twice a year, if you have a heat pump).

But there are other things you can do in addition to maintenance that help improve cooling efficiency, which we’ve covered below.

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Common Early Season Air Conditioning Repairs

April 16th, 2018

technician repairing air conditionerSpring is officially here, but for Texas residents, the seasons all kind of meld together with how hot it is the majority of the year. We can expect plenty of sweltering days to come, especially when summertime comes around.

Chances are, you’re already running your Groves, TX air conditioning system. And if you’ve had your cooling system maintained, with an annual inspecting and tune-up from a professional, then your air conditioner has a great chance of operating throughout the season without encountering too many problems or drops in efficiency. Professional maintenance can’t prevent all problems, however. So below, we’ve delved into some of the signs of common early-season AC repair needs.

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Don’t Miss an AC Maintenance Opportunity!

April 2nd, 2018

Top view of the outside unit of an air conditionerTemperatures are already warming up here in Sour Lake—is your cooling system ready? If you haven’t scheduled one particularly important Sour Lake, TX HVAC service yet, then chances are it’s not as ready as it could be. That’s right, we’re talking about AC maintenance! This service is best performed before your air conditioner’s biggest period of use—therefore, you should get it on your schedule now.

Sure, there are a few small maintenance tasks you can do on your own. Your air filter, for example, is there to protect the inside components of your HVAC system from debris and should be changed out every 1-3 months depending on the level of contaminants in your home. You should also be clearing any debris away from your outside unit so that airflow isn’t obstructed. But this is just a start—for an air conditioner that will function as effectively as it’s meant to, you need a professional tune-up.

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Is Your HVAC Contractor Qualified for the Job?

March 19th, 2018

contractor-smile-air-conditionerIt can be scary to have a contractor in your home when you know nothing about the HVAC company you’ve called or if you have never worked with them in the past. Will they repair your system properly? Will they try to sell you services or products you don’t really need? And how do you know if they are qualified for the job?

We are here to help you learn how to pick out the right contractor for your air conditioning, heating, or indoor air quality installation or repair. Ask yourself these questions to make sure your technician is qualified for the job.

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How to Tell You Need a New Heater

March 5th, 2018

heating-system-oldWhen you live in Texas, you’re probably a lot more alert to problems with your air conditioner than you are to problems in your heater. Still, your heating system is an important part of your home. Can you imagine going days without central heating in the middle of winter, huddling around a portable heater for warmth?

This can happen to you if your heater breaks down suddenly. Or, you may be rushing to get a new system, without taking the time to consider your best options and find a quality installer. This can lead to many problems over the life of your system, so it’s better to replace your heater before a complete system shutdown. But how do you know your heater needs a replacement?

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Hire a Commercial HVAC Company that Does It All!

February 19th, 2018

commercial-rooftop-unitWhen we tell our commercial HVAC clients that we also take care of commercial refrigeration systems, they often react in surprise. Many people think they have to call the dealer or a representative of the manufacturer’s when a commercial refrigeration system, ice machine, or similar unit isn’t working, but our experts are trained on all of these systems.

Even if you simply need a quick repair for your commercial air conditioner or heater, it’s always worth it to call a technician who can service all of the needs of a building, not just the creature comforts. Learn why in today’s guide to choosing an all-in-one HVAC contractor for your commercial property.

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Can a Heater Work without a Filter?

February 6th, 2018

air-filter-ventAllergy season is coming up, prompting many homeowners to remember to change their air filters so they’re not left in the dust (sneezing and coughing because of it). Most technicians and AC/heating manufacturers recommend replacing an air filter in a home once every month or, at most, every 3 months. However, if you don’t suffer from allergies, this may not seem like a priority.

Instead of running out to the store to get a new filter every 3 months, we have heard of people opting to pull out the old filter and wait to replace it. But we’re here to warn you that you should never run a furnace without a filter.

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Furnace Safety Switches: A Quick Guide

January 22nd, 2018

smoke-detector-flameIf you’ve ever worried about the safety of your furnace, you’re not alone. In our area, furnaces go unused for so long that many people are afraid to start their systems at the beginning of the season. In general, modern furnaces are safe, but it’s certainly ideal to have your furnace serviced at the beginning of the heating season. You should also keep smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the home.

Most of the protection from these risks, though, comes from the safety switches installed within your heater. These switches protect your home from unsafe conditions in a variety of ways (which does not mean you should skip annual service)!

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The Best Systems to Save You Money on Heating

January 8th, 2018

heat-out-chimneyIn our part of the country, we tend to think about our AC bills more than our heating bills—at least for much of the year. So you may be surprised to find that your bills are so high in the winter as well.

Chances are that you’re paying more than you have to on heating, especially if your heating system is over 10-15 years old. If you’re in the market for a new system, or even a new accessory to make heating more efficient and save money over time, we have some suggestions.

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